Providers (Agencies) have two options for selecting the EVV app.

The primary goal of home care agencies is to care for the elderly and disabled while they remain in their homes. The services are the responsibility of the Caregivers. Each service is tracked using a mobile application, which is also known as Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). This is to provide information about each visit as well as electronic proof.

EVV is a component of the 21st-century cures act, a federal mandate. All Medicaid payers and providers who provide in-home personal and/or home health care services must use electronic visit verification under this mandate.

State-Sponsored EVV – This is available at no cost to all PCA service providers and meets federal requirements but does not provide any additional functionality.

EVV Alternative – Agency Can use any other vendor that has integrated and may provide them with additional functionalities.

What exactly is EVV?

An application that aids in the better management of healthcare agencies provides completed service data digitally, and has some additional functionality to improve performance.

Why is EVV required?

The 21st Century Cures Act mandates electronic visit verification and was passed with bipartisan support.

The EVV mandate must be followed by all agencies.

There was a case of fraudulent claims submitted when paper timesheets were used. To avoid this, this application assists in verifying each visit and obtaining as many records as possible as Digital Proof.

What are we going to do with this EVV?

  • By logging in with valid credentials, the user can choose between the roles of Employee and Client.
  • The service date and the service type of the individual receiving the service are required here.
  • The caregiver who performed the work as well as the location of the service provided will be monitored.

How Are the Services Monitored?

There are two primary methods for monitoring services during their delivery.

  • The first is with a mobile app when the Clock IN/OUT option is used to start/end the employee’s service based on the client’s location.
  • The second involves IVR. The caregiver dials the client’s IVR number at the time of service. The employee can initiate and terminate service via IVR.

What Are the Benefits Of The EVV App?

  • Easily accessible via the Google Play and Apple App Stores.
  • Complete Homecare Management services are available.
  • Track the client’s completed service and schedule the service in advance.
  • Clocking in and out for any service is as easy as a SWIPE.
  • Can obtain digital proof of completed service that is easily auditable

What Information Will Be Collected Through EVV?

Service Types

  • The service that an individual receives
  • The precise time and date of the Services
  • Live location of service delivery (beginning/ending)

The EVV application requires the collection of information such as the date of service, the beneficiary receiving services, the individual providing services, the type of service rendered, the location of service, and the time of service beginning and ending. All this information will be saved as a timesheet, which can be completed manually and electronically.

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