All Care now offers an end-to-end solution for FMS(Financial Management services) providers.  Our solution was built a designed in conjunction with a FMS provider to ensure all the features and solutions are in place to best support this type of business.

  • Client and Employee Paperless On-boarding

    • Provide web portals for clients and employees to provide the necessary documentation and completion of forms
  • Purchase requests and tracking

    • Enter or receive purchase request via client web portal and track those payments to employers or vendors.
  • Budget utilization reports

    • Clean and simple utilization report that can be emailed or printed from the software.
  • Simplified billing and claims process

    • We’ve designed a more efficient way to process and manage claims for FMS(Financial Management services).
  • Integrated Payroll with exports that support your 3rd party payroll processing solution

    • New Vendor Exports
    • Employee, Employer exports
    • Tax calculations
    • Work comp adjustments

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